Shire of Roanoke


From this day forward let the world know that we, the warriors and craftsmen of old are bound in the quest of this simple dream by our blood and our souls. This dream to pursue the old ways in a manner that is chivalrous and free of contempt. To those who share the dream, come forth from the shadows and share our fires, our friendship and our knowledge for all are welcome. To those who seek to challenge our dream, be fore warned our swords are never far.

The territory of this Duchy to be the mundane state of Idaho and its counties along with the following counties of the state of Montana; Lincoln, Flathead, Glacier, Toole, Pondera, Teton, Lewis and Clark, Powell, Missoula, Lake, Sanders, Mineral, Ravalli, Granite, Jefferson, Broadwater, Deer Lodge, Silver Bow, Beaverhead, Madison, and Gallatin. The mundane counties of Idaho; Kootenai and Latah, along with the mundane county of Whitman within the state of Washington, are to be shared lands in conjunction with the Duchy of Alhambra


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