Kingdom of Terre Neuve

Southern San Diego and Imperial Counties, California

Terre Neuve enjoys pride of place as the Empire's oldest Kingdom.
Several of Adria's founders along with many of the great names in Adria's history come from our land. The influencial chapters of Esperance, York, Brandenburg and Sangreal can all trace their beginnings back to Terre Neuve.

Despite many changes through the years our kingdom has flourished and prospered. Today Terre Neuve remains a strong and thriving chapter of the Adrian Empire.
Terre Neuve embodies service and dedication in administration, strength on the battlefield, talent on the arts table, accuracy on the archery range and loyalty in her estate holders.
The Terre Neuvian motto is "Fortis et Fidus" which translates to "Strong and Faithful" and our people continue to live up to that motto time and again.

Our Ministers


Internet Presence


  • Crown Tournament: The Kingdom of Terre Neuve meets on the third Saturday every month.
    Opening Court starts promptly at 10 AM.
    Event location may vary.
    Check our Event Calendar for changes to time or location.

  • Archery Competition: The Archers of Terre Neuve meet on the first Saturday every month.
    Sign-in is at 9 AM.
    Event location may vary but our default is at the archery range in the Morley Field Sports Complex at Balboa Park.
    Check our Event Calendar for changes to time or location.

Local customs

  • Hydration is important.
    All combatants intending to participate in tournament are required to present a "Personal use only" gallon of water during armor check. If no gallon of water is presented, the fighter fails armor check.

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