War and Joust

War and Joust


This ministry office handles all aspects of Adrian armor and weapons standards along with the supervision of lists and conduct during tournament and war.

Weapons Play Testing

Weapons Play Testing Form



Combat Authorization

    Please see the notice at the top of the page regarding combat authorizations.
  • Authorization Tests please see pages 31-37 of the Marshall's Manual

Styles of Combat

This level is the general entry point for most combatants. The 'shinai' is a split-bamboo sword used in martial arts training. It is designed to minimize the impact for a slashing blow. No thrusting is allowed when using a shinai. This level of combat is open to all qualified combatants age 13 and over.

Rapier (aka Renaissance or Schlager) Combat
Simulating the less heavily armored combat of late in Adria's focus period, this type of combat uses steel Schlager-style blades to represent the epees and rapiers common to this time.

Cut and Thrust
Before Renaissance fencing became common, there were still combatants who relied upon speed rather than strength for their blows. Cut and thrust requires heavier armor than Shinai or Rapier, but still significantly less than armored combat.

Armored (Steel) Combat
Unique to Adria and its siblings, the use of unchoreographed steel weapons and heavy armor is what makes our organization so different. No combatant can truly be called a Champion until they have won the field in armored combat.


Each month, the Crowns of each chartered subdivision hold tournaments for the populace. Each tourney list is appropriate to one of the styles of combat listed above. Schlager is further divided between beginners (sergeants) and more advanced combatants, including knights.


The Adrian Empire, and many of its larger subdivisions often choose their Crowns through broad-scale competitions we call wars. It is a great attraction for the combatants to have a chance to face dozens of combatants across an open field, and to participate in complex scenarios designed to test both strategy and combat ability.

In addition to Crown wars (used to compete for the Crown), subdivisions can also host what are called "Fun Wars". Set against the backdrop of some elaborate plot line, these wars are just for fun, and the chance to participate where the stakes aren't quite so high.

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